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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Bush's spinmasters have got nerves of steel. Bush made a speech comparing Iraq to WWII.
I will agree that we did get attacked in both instances on our home soil. I will also agree that the sitting president used that attack to get into the fight he really wanted (Europe in WWII's case and Iraq in Bush's case). However, I would have to agree with Henry Kissinger that Iraq is much more like Vietnam than WWII.

At least our reasons for going to war with the Japanese and even the Germans in WWII did not change every few months. We were fighting the Japanese because they attacked us. We were fighting the Germans because they were committing genocide. Granted, Saddam Hussein is a bad guy, but we were told he had weapons of mass destruction, which he didn't. The things he was doing to his people weren't any worse than what is going on in parts of Africa still today. So, while I agree that Saddam is a bad guy, he didnt' have anything to do with 9/11 and he really doesn't seem worse than some of the other bad guys that are out there right now. There are scary guys that do have a chance at having WMD's (North Korea, Iran). So, why Iraq?
My opinion is that we are in Iraq because of oil and because W wanted to finish what his daddy started.

Personally, I would rather be in Africa. I think we could actually do some good there and make a difference.