Friday, January 27, 2006

Civil Liberties

I cannot believe that people are not more upset about the wire tapping issue. It was exactly the issue that got Nixon impeached. There were laws put in place after that to avoid just this kind of problem in the future. There are secret courts that will give warrants, even after the fact if necessary. There is no reason to eavesdrop without a warrant.

I can't understand why the democrats are unable to capitalize on this better. The administration is crashing and burning, but the dems are unable to step up. Are they that afraid of the Karl Rove mud slinging machine? The press is finally starting to actually report on negative things about this administration and put pressure on them to answer questions. Well, at least they're asking the questions.

But, it seems like too little too late. The New York Times had sat on the wire tapping story for over a year. It could have prevented this terrible second term, if they had published it right away. I think the bad guys already had to suspect that they might be being listened to.

Of course, we have joked with friends for years that they run snoopers on every phone line listening for key words, and that if you said the wrong thing in a phone conversation you'd have the feds at your door before you knew it. But, I don't think we really believed that big brother was listening.

September 11th was a terrible thing. But, I think that very little has actually been accomplished to make us safer. The Department of Homeland Security is a joke. Katrina showed us how effective they would be in the aftermath of another attack.

It has been proven over and over that the administration has lied to us at every opportunity. But, they are masters of the spin. And, people keep believing the spin. You would think after everything that's happened during this president's two terms, and how much of it has turned out to be blatantly untrue (Weapons of Mass Destruction come to mind). People still don't question the spin. People are lazy. They turn on their Fox news and never bother to check other sources to try to weed out the spin.

While I'm ranting, I don't understand why the Democrats are completely willing to roll over about the Alito nomination. I guess it's fear that if they drag it out it will hurt their chances for re-election. But, I think just voting against the guy isn't enough. It's unfortunate that they chose to focus so much on the Vangard case as a way to try to discredit the guy. He didn't really do anything wrong in that case. I think the more important problem is that Alito wouldn't distance himself from his extreme pro-life rhetoric from the 1980's. But, Alito said all the right things, I just don't think we can believe any of it. I think his membership in the organization that was anti-woman and anti-minority was of much more interest than his actions in the Vangard case.

It is so frustrating to read these polls that indicate people aren't that upset. Again this year, as in 2004, the Republicans have been instructed by Rove to run on fear, that plays well. And, I don't understand why. I personally am more afraid of what will happen if this republican majority continues through 2008.