Friday, March 02, 2007

Do we really care about Anna Nicole?

Honestly, why does this woman deserve two weeks of almost continuous news coverage? I am not speaking ill of the dead. I just think the whole country really cannot possibly care about every moment of custody hearings and funerals. She wasn't a head of state or even a national hero. She was a celebrity. And, she was one of the current crop of celebrities that are famous for.....we're not really sure why.

The story from the AP today about their news "blackout" of Paris Hilton was yet another example of this problem. When did stuff that maybe belongs in the society pages become ok to lead news hours? Last weekend I turned on MSNBC to try to catch up on what I had missed in the news during the week. It was 40 minutes of Anna Nicole and Brittany Spears and maybe 10 minutes of the news I actually cared about.

I promptly did send an email to MSNBC TV about my disappointment over their choice of stories to cover that Saturday during the little bit of time that they show live news instead of shockumentaries. I love Hard Ball, and I love Countdown. But honestly, I do get more real news watching The Daily Show than a half an hour of MSNBC News Live.

How do we get through to media outlets like MSNBC that if they advertise themselves as the place for politics, that should dominate more of their news hour than the sesational news story of the moment. Even if it is an astronaut driving cross country in a diaper to kill a romantic rival. I would still rather know what our elected officials are up to.

I guess that's why it's ultimately still newspapers that break the big stories, like the Walter Reed Hospital scandal.