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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Merullo

I completely loved this book. It took me a little longer to get through it than some of the other books I read, but that was because I would re-read portions and then have to stop reading to just think about different portions of the book or to talk about parts of it with my hubby. Not that hubby read the book, but he humors me.
Otto Ringling is driving from New Jersey to North Dakota to finalize issues relating to his parents estate. His traveling companion for the journey is Voyla Rinpoche, a guru in a tradition similar to Buddhism, but not quite Buddhism. Otto is a self-described skeptic of the more woo woo aspects of life and in the beginning is almost determined to prove the Rinpoche a fraud. However, the journey of the two men across America is a learning experience for both men. Otto teaches Rinpoche about America and Rinpoche teaches Otto about his spiritual self.
This book was an easy read, but deeply affecting. I felt unable to just go back to the more frivolous reading that I had been doing prior to Breakfast With Buddha. It inspired me to go back to reading Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-zinn. I have been attracted to Buddhism in the past, and on a recent 4 week trip to Green Mountain at Fox Run in Vermont finally had a chance to learn more about meditation and how wonderful the practice is. Breakfast With Buddha made me again want to explore my own spirituality and practice mindfulness.
I highly recommend this book it is an entertaining account of a road trip, and it makes you ponder weightier issues of life.