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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My new releases for Tuesday July 7th, Silent in the Sanctuary, Pleasure Unbound

So, in February I got the Kindle 2, so most of the books I read are on Kindle these days, but I do also read real books too, especially if it's something I really want that is not yet available on Kindle, like how Janet Evanovich's Finger-Lickin Fifteen wasn't available in Kindle format on release day last month. So, I bought the hardcover and will probably get the Kindle version as well.

The new books I was excited about today are Madelyn Alt's Where There's A Witch. It's the 5th book in her Bewitching Mysteries Series.

I also downloaded J.A. Konrath's Cherry Bomb the latest in his Jack Daniels series. Although, I have not yet read Fuzzy Navel.

While waiting for the new Madelyn Alt I had read all of the samples I had downloaded to my Kindle and ended up buying most of the books I had sampled.

Then I had started going back and reading books I had downloaded but had not read yet.

Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn
This was actually the second book in a series. I do hate to not start with the first book, but this was a title that had been available for free or cheap a while back on Kindle. It takes place in the late 1800s, mostly at an old monastery in England, March family home. It is a mystery where the environment is closed, the murderer has to be a part of the core group. I felt like this one had some good twists and turns. The characters were generally well written and fun to get to know. I did not feel like I was totally lost by missing the first book in the series (Silent in the Grave ), but it did make me decide to download that one and the one that follows Sanctuary (Silent on the Moor). These books do seem like they might be in danger of being formulaic, but I will reserve judgement until I've read the other two.
Lady Julia Grey is heading to the family home for the Christmas holidays along with her two elder brothers and a friend from Italy. Her father has intrigues planned for the holidays, but when one of the house guests is murdered the intrigues become more serious than Julia's father bargained for. Julia is asked to work with Nicholas Brisbane a private investigator type that she had met in the first book in the series to solve the murder before word gets out and sullies her already tarnished family name.
I was glad to have the built-in dictionary feature on my Kindle. I have not read a lot of books from this time period, and the built-in dictionary was great for looking up words that are not used often anymore, or not used in the context they were used in for this book. This book had the marvelous feeling of reading something written in an earlier time period, it had kind of a Jane Austin feel with more mystery and less matchmaking.
I can recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun mystery with some nice twists, and I hope to be able to recommend the whole series after I read the other two.

Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
This was another cheap or free title for Kindle that I had downloaded a while back and just finished reading. It is an urban fantasy novel that is based around a demon-run ER that treats members of the supernatural community. This book is full of demons, vampires and shifters. There is also an organization of humans who work to rid the human world of these supernatural creatures a la Buffy.
One of the main characters is a Slayer named Tayla who is treated in the demon hospital by the doctor who runs it, a type of incubus named Eidolon. With one of the main characters being an incubus, if you guessed there are some good sex scenes in this book, you would be right. There are several subplots that weave together in an ending that I was able to see coming, but it was still an entertaining ride.