Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

I re-read the entire series, starting with Darkfever on Sunday. I finished Dreamfever in the wee hours this morning. I loved it! You know the book is awesome when you cry out in frustration at the cliff hanger ending. I have been so sucked in by this series. Mac is an amazing characters. I always love characters that grow and change during a series. Even Barrons has done some changing in my opinion, although luckily he hasn't changed too much. I feel as confused as Mac trying to figure out the players and the big game in this series. I like that there are not many times that I find myself yelling at Mac for a decision she's making. Mostly I feel like she makes the decision that I would make, or at least, I am unable to see the downside right away. In so many books, especially told in first person, you just want to grab the character and shake them and say, "How can you have decided to do/say that?! Can't you see he/she is the villain? Do you not see how this is going to basically put your life in danger?"
In this series the things I get most frustrated about is the lack of trust among the two main characters (Mac and Jericho Barrons), when it seems like some things would have gone much smoother if they had trusted each other a little more. But, I can also understand the lack of trust, although it makes some of their exchanges frustrating.

I love the world that KMM has created in the Fever series. I have felt like I was discovering a whole new world within our own, along with Mac. Sometimes her world feels so real that I find myself looking for Shades in the shadows. I also love that in spite of how bleak the world and the outlook for humans has become during the series. There is always hope and there are always people that are not ready to give up their world to the fae.

In this installment of the Fever series (Darkfever, Bloodfever, Fae fever, Dreamfever), we find out what happens to Mac after being captured by the Lord Master and the Unseelie Princes. It was a nice payoff to read about Mac's journey from Pri-ya to Mac 4.0, with more than a little help from Barrons. V'lane, the Seelie prince had a different twist to his character in this one and to Mac's continuing interaction with him. I loved the return of some great characters like fellow Sidhe-seers Dani and Kat, Inspector Jayne. It was nice to learn a little more about the Lord Master/Darroc, Christian, the dreamy-eyed boy, and of course Barrons(!!!). The ending threw me for a loop, but, I'm consoling myself with what Barrons has always told Mac....Don't assume it's dead until you've burned the body, poked around in the ashes, and then waited a couple days to make sure nothing rises from the ashes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.