Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins

I loved this series. I read the whole thing. It feels a little like Gilmore Girls would be if it were a murder mystery series a la Murder She Wrote. The town has a Stars Hollow feel to it, and I loved all the quirky characters.
Abby Knight is a smart and funny heroine, and I love the descriptions of her flower shop. I don't have a green thumb, but I could feel the relaxation that Abby felt everytime she went into the workroom.
The mysteries were great too, they kept me guessing up until the culprit was about to be revealed. Occasionally, the culprit was even a surprise.
The relationship between Abby and Marco has real chemistry and it's nice that the relationship proceeds slowly, it makes each encounter more delicious.
The Flower Shop Mystery series is comprised of:
Mum's the Word
Slay it with Flowers
Dearly Depotted
Snipped in the Bud
Acts of Violets
A Rose from the Dead
Shoots to Kill
Evil in Carnations

The next novel Sleeping with Anemone will be out in February in 2010, and I will be waiting to read it!