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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

This book was a quick read, and easy to get immersed into. It is great escapism. However, this follows one of the new formula’s that is so popular, seemingly especially in urban fantasy or paranormal romance. Boy and girl meet, fall in love, yada, yada, yada. Then we get introduced to a couple people who will be the stars of the next book in the series. The first few books I read that employed this device, I rather liked. It is fun to go back and see what is happening in the lives of characters you get to know. However, I think first you have to have characters that you really care what happens to them beyond the happily ever after. Secondly, it would be nice if there were some way to set up the next book, without so much blatant set up. 
Blood Magic is a light read about a woman who’s a witch, but she doesn’t know it, and the Hunter that is meant to complete her. The characters are ok, they are likable enough. The male lead is a typical romance novel alpha male. He is a witch hunter, who due to a curse, wants to bathe in and drink witches blood instead of protecting them like his ancestors did. 
There is not a whole lot of surprise in this book. But, I will say again that it is a fun read, and if you like the paranormal romance genre, you could do worse. I would say this one gets 3 bookmarks. You can put it down if you need to or want to, partially due to the predictability.