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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Vicky Hill Exclusive by Hannah Dennison

A Vicky Hill Exclusive! is a nice cozy mystery. Vicky Hill is a young reporter who had been relegated to covering funerals in the small English town where she lives and works. She is posing as an orphan, due to her parents fleeing the country so her father can avoid jail time. Vicky has to deal with another upstart journalist who is not afraid to use her assets to get ahead at the small paper. 
Vicky decides to take a peek at some documents meant for her rival, and she quickly gets mixed up in a big mystery in her small town. A mystery that might turn deadly for Vicky. 
This is a classic cozy mystery. the only problem I had with it were Vicky’s uses of logic that were obviously large jumps to conclusions. Overall though, this was a fun book and I will read others in the series.
I give A Vicky Hill Exclusive by Hannah Dennison 3 bookmarks.