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Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3

I love True Blood. I am also a big fan of the novels by Charlaine Harris. Season 3 corresponds to the book Club Dead, which is one of my favorites in the Sookie Stackhouse series. All through season three, I was amazed that they could keep the basic synopsis the same, and yet the show was so different from the book. 
The basic plot of both the book, and season three of the show turns on Bill getting kidnapped and taken to Mississippi. Sookie sets off to save him, with the help of a werewolf, who was ordered to assist her by Eric Northman. Both the book and the series use this as the audiences big introduction to werewolves, and their relationship to vampires. The book and the TV series follow that basic plot, but that is pretty much where the similarities end. 
Season three introduces a few characters earlier than in the books, but that has been the M.O. of the show since season one. We meet Crystal Norris, Calvin Norris, Claudine, not to mention characters that were invented just for the show. Some of the invented characters include Sam’s biological family, Lafayette’s mother, and her caretaker Jesus, and there were more fleshed out werewolves that work for the king of Mississippi than in the book. 
Some of the things I loved about season three are: 
Pam!  I loved seeing more of Pam, and they keeping very true to her book character.
Jessica. I loved her going to Pam for advice, and trying to cope on her own when Bill goes missing.
Russell and Talbot. They have been the most fun couple on the show so far. 
Alcide. What’s not to like? New eye candy is always good!
Franklin. He was a fun kind of crazy to watch. But, I’m glad he wasn’t stuck on me!
Tara. I really enjoyed her this season, probably the most I have liked her on the TV series so far. Her determination to get away from Franklin was awesome. 
Eric! We saw more of his personality and sense of humor this season. 
Some of the things I didn’t love about season three are:
Eric! I am firmly Team Eric and I hate that they have taken away most of the things he did in the books that make him more appealing to Sookie. 
Club Dead? Instead of the vampire (Russell) owned Josephine’s, Sookie goes to the werewolf bar Lou Pines. 
Sam and his bio family. It was interesting to see Sam’s bio family. It was even more interesting to see the skeletons in Sam’s closet. But, overall, I don’t think the skeletons fit with Sam’s character, and the trouble with his bio family got old. 
Sookie? There have been several times in the TV show that Sookie has done things inconsistent with her character in the books. I think the finale of season three had a lot of those moments. Her laughter when she disposed of Talbot is one example that comes to mind. 
Overall, True Blood is a fun ride, and for the most part I enjoyed this season a lot. There was a lot of dark humor, and we got to see a few moments with Sookie and Eric that bodes well for the future. Although, I am a little upset that we didn’t get the whole, Eric helping Sookie at Russell’s mansion and his line, “I don’t like having feelings.” From Club Dead. 
The revelation about Bill that really put Sookie over the edge in the TV show, went a bit farther than the book’s revelation, but, I suppose since we aren’t privy to Sookie’s innermost thoughts, some things need to be more blatant. 
I think my favorite character of the season is Russell, just the hedonistic joy he takes in his vampire nature is a lot of fun to watch. But, this season we had so many vampires that were just enjoying being a vampire. It was a nice change from all of the vampires in movies and TV now that are so tortured about their existence, including our dear Mr. Compton. Vampires that enjoy being vampires are scarier, but that’s why we like them isn’t it?