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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Death Masks, book five in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

The Shroud of Turin has been stolen. A Red Court vampire warlord is challenging  Harry Dresden to a duel, and if Harry refuses, the assassin will go after everyone Dresden knows. The Vatican wants Harry to help find the Shroud. The Knights of the Cross (all three of them!) want Dresden to leave it alone. If that weren’t enough of a headache, Harry how no idea how he’s going to beat the vampire Ortega in a duel without using magic. 
Welcome to Death Masks, the fifth novel in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. This one starts with the pedal to the floor and doesn’t let up. We get to see all three of the Knights of the Cross, and all three swords. It’s a good thing they’re around, since the Fallen, fallen angels who have taken a human host, are also after the shroud, and have no problem killing to get it. 
Karrin Murphy is on the outside of the murders surrounding the search for the Shroud. Dresden meets the smartest young girl in the world, the Archive, the repository for all human knowledge. White Court vampire Thomas is back as Ortega’s second for the duel, which may be yet another plot of Thomas father’s to get Thomas killed. 
I really enjoyed this entry in the Dresden Files series. It really is amazing that Harry is still standing. He seems to just make more and more enemies. On the upside, I suppose he inspires more and more loyalty in his friends. This was one of the more violent books in the series so far I think. 
I’m going to give Death Masks by Jim Butcher, 1 bookmark