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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The fifth book in the Scumble River mysteries by Denise Swanson is Murder of a Barbie and Ken. I first have to say that I liked the title and I liked the characters who ultimately became the victims. I think Ms. Swanson may not necessarily be a Barbie fan, but I appreciated the humor in her portrayal of a real life version of the couple. Skye and Simon’s relationship has been progressing nicely and they joined a community organization together. Skye Denison, school psychologist, is mixing with the wealthy wives of the male members of the group, and gets invited to a bunch of different parties for various home sale products. 
Barbie is selling a line of prepared food, and Skye ends up purchasing a week’s worth at the end of the party. Skye comes back to pick up her order and finds the body of Barbie, and of her husband, Dr. Ken. Obviously, the seemingly perfect couple had made an enemy of some one. 
Sheriff Wally asks Skye to help him by keeping her ears open among the members of the organization that she and Simon belong to. Wally knows that even if he were a member, the others wouldn’t talk freely in front of him. Although, Skye has started to get a reputation as a snoop, or a good sleuth, depending on who you ask. 
To add further complication to Skye’s life, Simon’s estranged mother shows up on Skye’s doorstep in a huge snow storm. Skye takes her in for a few days, but insists on telling Simon right away. Simon is not pleased with his mother for showing up, ostensibly for Thanksgiving with her son, or for Skye for agreeing to take her in. 
This story introduced us to the fun character of Simon’s mother, Bunny. We see Simon and Skye’s relationship humming along nicely. I am still enjoying the series and will read more of them. I’m going to give Murder of a Barbie and Ken by Denise Swanson, 2 bookmarks