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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Murder of a Snake in the Grass by Denise Swanson

Murder of a Snake in the Grass is the fourth book in the Scumble River mysteries, which feature school psychologist Skye Denison. This book finds Scumble River celebrating its founding. They have even invited the last remaining relative of the original founder to attend the celebration. Skye and Simon have started seeing each other again, but I don’t know that we can count Sheriff Wally out yet in the series’ love triangle. 
In ....Snake in the Grass, we also meet Skye’s former fiancee for the first time. He shows up in Scumble River and seems to want to win her back. He claims he’s changed. Skye decides she owes him a second chance like the one she got when she came back to Scumble River. Skye had left town right after high school graduation in a blaze of what she hoped was glory. She insulted the town and everyone in it on her way out. She took some teasing when she came back, tail between her legs, but overall the townspeople were willing to give her a second chance. So, Skye decides she owes her ex-fiancee the same courtesy. As you can imagine, Simon isn’t too happy about the idea. Has her former fiancee really changed, or does he have something else up his sleeve?
The murder to be solved is that of the relative of the original founder of Scumble River, who came to town from Canada to celebrate, and didn’t live to head back north again. Skye gets into the investigation because two students at the high school found the body and came to tell Skye about it, and she ran interference with Sheriff Wally when they reported the crime to the police. 
This was an enjoyable story in the series. We see a lot of Skye’s family and it’s nice to see things progressing between Skye and Simon. I have yet to decide if I’m a Simon fan or a Wally fan, they both seem pretty great. Although, for some reason something about Simon has always made me suspicious, but that’s probably just me. I have really been enjoying the Scumble River mysteries and look forward to reading more of the series. I’m going to give Murder of a Snake in the Grass by Denise Swanson, 2 bookmarks