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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Harry Dresden's Night at the Museum

In Dead Beat by Jim Butcher, the seventh book in the Dresden Files, Harry Dresden has his own Night at the Museum. The baddie in this book involves necromancy, zombies and ghosts, not to mention some run-ins with the Sidhe, a black court vampire, and Warden Morgan. This book has Harry running pretty much flat out from beginning to end. 
I think this has been one of my favorite books in the series. The humor was dark, but fun. I enjoyed the break from Harry having to worry about human law enforcement. It was awesome to just see Harry letting loose, following his heart and his own conscience. There is plenty for Harry to battle in his own heart and conscience even without the bad guys mucking around. 
Murphy comes to Harry to tell him that she is going to hawaii with Kincaid, the mercenary from previous books. He wrestles with his jealousy over that. He also has family to worry about now, in the form of Thomas, his half-brother and vampire of the White Court. There is also a friend in danger, Butters, the M.E. that Harry has gotten to know. 
Harry visits the Field Museum in Chicago, too bad it wasn’t a more pleasurable trip. The Field Museum is amazing, reading about it here makes me want to go visit again. In many of the books in this series, they don’t really flaunt that they take place in Chicago. Dresden will often refer to Chicago as his city, his territory to defend. This is the first book I can remember really reveling in some of the things that make Chicago unique. 
Butcher also delves a little more into the mystery around the coin that Harry was given in a previous book, and what, if any effect the coin is having on his life. There was a lot that happened in this book. I love that Butcher doesn’t shy away from big changes, from moving the story forward. He doesn’t rely on a mystery of the book and a formula. There is a certain formula to the books, the big bad guy has changed in pretty much every book, but it serves the purpose of teaching the reader more about Dresden’s world. The Dresden Files universe is very complex, and it needs to unfold a little bit at a time to avoid becoming overwhelming. 
I am going to give Dead Beat by Jim Butcher, 1 bookmark.  It was a welcome return to things I love about the series, after my slight disappointment in book six.