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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Murder of a Pink Elephant by Denise Swanson

Skye Denison is back, along with all of our favorite inhabitants of Scumble River, Illinois.  This installment finds things humming along pretty well for Skye, but then a storm starts to build in Scumble river. Skye’s brother Vince has changed the name of his band from Plastic Santas to Pink Elephant, and the music has changed too, and not for the better in Skye’s opinion. Police Chief Wally is running for mayor, and the stress of the political campaign, or something else is making the chief act very unlike himself. The teenagers in Scumble River and surrounding towns are acting off, and that is definitely something Skye would like to get to the bottom of. Oh, and there’s a man who wants to build an amusement park near Scumble River, and he would like the whole town to be unpaid employees and give park goers a 1950s experience whenever they venture into town. 
Skye gets hints of the trouble with her students early on, but it takes her a little digging to get to the reason for the odd behavior. Skye also learns that all is not right with the band Pink Elephant, the guys go off on each other and fight, fists and all at the slightest provocation. Then, one of the Pink Elephants ends up dead, and Vince is again the focus of a police investigation. With the way Wally is acting, Skye isn’t getting much help in clearing Vince’s name, so the game is afoot. 
While Skye is getting to the bottom of the murder and the teenage troubles in town, her boyfriend Simon is getting ready to open the bowling alley he purchased. He is all set up for a grand re-opening, with his mother, Bunny managing the store. 
Skye was definitely hopping in this one, and of course, all this sleuthing doesn’t come without a little danger on the side. This was another fun, fast paced installment in the Scumble River mystery series. I really like Skye, she’s brave, determined, and has an admirable moral compass. The supporting characters are a lot of fun, and I’m glad to see her relationship with Simon progressing. Although, I’m still not sure whether I’m Team Simon or Team Wally. I’m a little worried that ulitmately Simon might be the nice guy that finishes last. 
I’m going to give Murder of a Pink Elephant by Denise Swanson, 4 Stars.