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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next is pregnant, and her husband is missing. Sometimes she cannot remember either of those things. Her mind has been invaded by Aornis Hades, little sister of Archeron Hades. Aornis is a little upset at Thursday for killing her brother. She sent a mindworm into Thursday’s mind, and is systematically erasing memories. Unfortunately, one of her first targets are Thursday’s memories of her husband, Landen. That might not normally be a big problem, but Landen was eradicated by a crooked chronoguard agent. It’s a long story....the bottom line is that Thursday’s husband actually died when he was two years old, she’s the only one who remembered that he didn’t. She is pregnant, she thinks it might be Landen’s, it was before he was eradicated. It all makes sense when you read it, really!
Given Thursday’s delicate condition, she has taken refuge in Bookworld until her baby is born, and old enough for her to go back to the realworld, or Outland as fictioneers call it, and get her husband back. She was hoping for a chance to relax and plan her next move, but she didn’t count on all the drama that can be generated in Bookworld. First, she discovers the book she is living in is in danger of being destroyed. Thursday is getting to know the inhabitants of the book she is living in and would like to come up with a way to save them. The nursery rhyme characters have gone on strike, causing parents everywhere to forget how their children’s favorite nursery rhymes go. Someone is also gunning for Jurisfiction agents, and Thursday has just finished her apprenticeship. She needs to find out who is killing these agents before she becomes the next casualty. 
The Well of Lost Plots is the place in Bookworld where stories are cobbled together, and it is where books that haven’t yet been published are kept. Thursday Next has been living in an unpublished novel, she has two generics as housemates. Generics are characters that go to school to get their personality, and get sorted based on what type of character they will be. A-1’s are main characters in a novel, and they go down from there. Granny Next also shows up to stay with Thursday. Thursday can’t quite figure out how Granny Next even got into Bookworld, but Granny insists she’s there to help Thursday remember her husband. Granny is helping Thursday to deal with Aornis’ mindworm. 
The Well of Lost Plots, the book, has a lot going on. It sometimes feels like it just crams too much into it. But, the world that Jasper Fforde has created is an amazing place. I wish books were really created that way. It is kind of fun to think of favorite fictional characters living in their books, wandering around the well, visiting friends in other books. I would totally work for Jurisfiction, giving anger management counseling to the characters from Wuthering Heights, fixing plot holes, and chasing page runners.  
I did like this book a lot, but I think it was a little less compelling than the previous two books. of course, it may also be a consequence of reading three Thursday Next books in less than a week. I am thinking I might read something else before tackling book four. I have also added to my must read list after reading this book. I've added Wuthering Heights, as well as Great Expectations

I also want to say that I think Jasper Fforde’s books really need to be read. I can’t imagine it as an audio book. Some of the humor is very visual, and I don’t think it would translate well when spoken. I have not heard the audio book though, so this is purely speculation. 
I am going to give The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde, 2 bookmarks