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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ack! I need to stay better informed!

That's what I get for relying on Amazon for release dates. As you all probably already know, since it was announced back in January, Ghost Story is not due out until July 26, 2011. I actually went to the bookstore looking for it on Tuesday. Finally tonight I went to Amazon to order it for Kindle, and what?! I know I had looked at Amazon's projected date several times over the last few weeks and it always said April 5th.

A visit to Jim Butcher's website though had a posting from January giving the new release date. There are going to be some sneak peeks of the new book coming up, and there is a sneak preview of chapter one in the back of the paperback copy of Changes.

I apologize if anyone else was at their local bookstore on Tuesday looking for Ghost Story.