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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Night of the Living Dandelions

Night of the Living Dandelions by Kate Collins

Abby Knight is back solving a new murder mystery in her small Indiana town. Abby is the owner of Bloomers flower shop, and is recently secretly engaged to Marco Salvare,hottie bar owner and former special ops soldier. Marco recently got recalled to active duty and has to report in a few weeks time. Marcos old army buddy comes to learn the bar business, unfortunately for Vlad the townspeople start spreading rumors about his being a vampire.

It doesn't help Vlad's case that he not only looks like Count Dracula, but a woman goes missing and circumstantial evidence points to Vlad. Marco is convinced his friend is not guilty, and although Abby has doubts, she is willing to trust Marco's judgement.

All of my favorite characters put in an appearance, from Abby's parents, niece Tara, and cousin Jillian, to flower shop co-workers Lottie and Grace. The vampire angle is fun, and handled very tongue in cheek. Abby is still a force to be reckoned with, even on crutches thanks to a badly sprained ankle.

I love the flower shop mysteries. I am ready for whatever Abby and her merry band get up to next!

I'm going to give Night of the Living Dandelions by Kate Collins,1 bookmark.