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Friday, April 15, 2011

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde

I have completed my reading of the Thursday Next series! One of Our Thursdays Is Missing is the latest book in the series. I doubt it will be the last book in the series though, there are still a few unanswered questions. This book picks up a little while, probably 3 years or so after First Among Sequels. The Thursday that has gone missing is the real world Thursday Next, right before she was due at a big peace summit with Racy Novel. 
Meanwhile, the written Thursday Next is having trouble with the supporting characters in the Thursday Next  novels. When the written Thursday’s life starts to see more excitement than usual, she learns that real Thursday is missing. This leads to Thursday saving a clockwork butler, who is then indebted to her and becomes Thursdays man Friday. Thursday and Sprockett the butler get chased by the mysterious Men in Plaid, and written Thursday gets to make a trip to the real world to find out what happened to the real Thursday. It really is less confusing when you read it in context.
This one takes place mostly in Book World, and I think it gets off to a little bit of a slow start. The previous book left real Thursday in a precarious position and I was disappointed that this one didn’t pick up there. I did enjoy some of the new characters in this book though. 
            One of Our Thursdays Is Missing gives us a more in depth view of Book World, and the whole world was remade, so we kind of have to learn about it all over again. I think I like the new Book World better. I did miss the Cat though. Count me in for the next adventure of Thursday Next!
I’m going to give One of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde, 2 bookmarks.
Now, on to Caribbean vacation, and more new releases!