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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next is going back to the real world. She has her son, Friday, two dodos and Hamlet in tow when she arrives at her mom’s house. Thursday’s husband, Landen is still eradicated,  but she is ready to get him back. Before she can tackle Goliath about Landen’s eradication, she has to find childcare for Friday, and get her old job back at Spec Ops. Oh, and she has to make sure no one knows that her Cousin Eddy is really Hamlet. 
Hamlet wanted to find out what people in the real world thought of him, he’d been accused of being indecisive. While Hamlet was away, other characters from his play started to rebel and change the story, so Thursday is stuck hosting him longer than she would have liked. Or, maybe I should say that Thursday’s mom was stuck with him.
Thursday learns that there is a prophesy concerning Goliath and Yorrick Caine that would allow them to both lose their power grab. The prophesy involves Swindons team winning the croquet championship, and no one thinks that is likely. Somehow finding a way for Swindon to win the Super Hoop because Thursday’s problem, and she takes on the job of general manager. 
So let’s see, Thursday has a 2 year old, a troublesome adolescent dodo, a husband to reactualize, a croquet championship to win.....did I mention she also has an assassin to avoid, and she has to find a way to get all books by Danish authors over the boarder to Wales so they won’t be burned? Our Thursday is definitely busy in this book. 
I’m not sure whether it was the short break I took to read Garden Spells, or just that I prefer Thursday to spend most of her time in the real world, but I really did like this book better than Well of Lost Plots. I think in general the pace was faster. I suppose there wasn’t as much need for a lot of description since it more or less takes place in the real world, and Thursday’s universe has been described in two other books. I do like seeing some of Thursday’s friends from Bookworld though, especially the Cheshire Cat. 
I am excited to get on to books five and six in the Thursday Next series. I feel a little rushed because this coming Tuesday is kind of a super Tuesday of book releases. New books by Casey Daniels (A Hard Day’s Fright), Kate Collins (Night of the Living Dandelion), and last but not least Jim Butcher (Ghost Story!!!). 
I am going to give Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde, 1 bookmark.