Monday, August 01, 2011

I fought the lobster, but the ocean won

I got certified to scuba this year. We did our open water check out dives in Hawaii. That was amazing! Next, we went diving in Nevis, that was also very cool, great coral, cool fish and huge spiny lobsters. Not to mention diving to 100 ft.

Then we came to the Florida Keys. My hubby and I hadn't been to the keys since the late 90s. We has only snorkeled there before, and were looking forward to the lobster mini season.

Then we went out on the boat. The water was rough, but I had taken meclizine, so I thought I was styling. I got thrown around on the boat, and couldn't even start to get geared up until we stopped.

We got in the water, there weren't any other boats around, we had the lobsters all to ourselves. Turned out that was because we were the only ones crazy enough to be out there.

The first part of the dive went ok, though we weren't seeing any lobsters. I was the bag holder, also known as shark bait. Luckily, I think even the sharks weren't out hunting that morning.

We finally found some bugs, around a big brain coral. I was trying to stay nearby and keep the bag ready for my husband and our friend.

Visibility was terrible, the worst I'd dove in, given my limited experience. It didn't take much to loose sight of my dive buddies. Then you had to watch for fins, a glint off the air tank, or bubbles to find them again.

Around the brain coral, visibility was bad, and the surge started pushing me back and forth. I got disoriented, I got nauseous, I got sick, under water, in the regulator. Thank goodness I hadn't eaten breakfast, so there wasn't much. It was still scary.

I made it back to the boat, under my own power. I spent the next three stops laying down.
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Location:Florida Keys