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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Like it Hawk and Ill Wind

I've been reading and knitting a lot lately. I read the newest Donna Andrews book, Some Like it Hawk, the latest in her Meg Langslow series. This series follows the adventures of amateur sleuth, control freak, and decorative blacksmith, Meg and her quirky family. I know it makes it seem like Caerphilly VA is a dangerous town to visit, or to live in. This one centers around the towns legal troubles following the takeover of all city buildings by the "evil lender," who had foreclosed on defaulted loans. The loans defaulted because the former mayor took off with the town's money. One citizen, the person in charge of the archives, has barricaded himself in the basement of the county courthouse and the lender is ready to get him out. The machinations result in a murder investigation, and a little amateur sleuthing by Meg and company to prove the hermit in the basement is innocent.

I really like this series, and this may not have been my favorite book in the series, but I did enjoy it and look forward to more of Meg's adventures!

The other book I read was Rachel Caine's Ill Wind, the first book in the Weather Warden series. I read this one as part of the Vaginal Fantasy book group that I learned about from following Felicia Day. The theme of this group for August was djinn, and this book definitely has them! Joanne, the main character is a weather warden. Basically a human with power over the elements, Jo has control over wind and water. In this universe, left to it's own devices the earth would wipe humans, and possibly all life from the face of the planet. The wardens hold fires, earthquakes and weather phenomena at bay and allow mundane humans to go about their lives. Mundane's aren't aware of the existence of the wardens, or the djinn that they keep as a kind of familiar to help augment their powers. The story in Ill Wind is told a lot through flashbacks. Jo is on the run, and as the book progresses the reader learns why she is on the run, and what she hopes to do about it.

Ill Wind was really hard for me to put down once I got about halfway through. I look forward to reading more of this series, and maybe more by Rachel Caine.

I am still working on a second sock to a pair that I've been knitting since April. But, in the meantime I took a class on fair isle knitting and finished the hat that I started. I really like fair isle!

So my ratings for the books:
Some Like it Hawk  by Donna Andrews, 3 Stars.
Ill Wind by Rachel Caine 5 Stars.

Up next in my TBR list is The Doomsday Book by Conne Willis, part of my female Sci-fi/Fantasy author list.