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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Divergent Book and Movie

I had read the Divergent book around the time Insurgent came out, and I never got around to reading the other two books. With the movie on the horizon I decided to re-read Divergent before seeing the movie and then read the rest of the series.

The re-read of Divergent reminded me that it was a good book, in some ways I like it better than Hunger Games. There is overall a more hopeful vibe than Hunger Games has. Maybe it's that the action is limited to one city, it feels more manageable somehow. The names of the factions still bug me, they feel a little like trying to hard and explaining the book to my husband made me feel ridiculous. I love Tris though, and in some ways she feels more real than Katniss.

I saw the Divergent movie on an IMAX screen on March 26th. I really liked the movie too. I think overall they did a nice job translating the book. Of course things get left out, and of course the book in general is better. However, one place I think the movie did better than the book was when it came to Tris' final exam in the fear landscape, and in her preparation leading up to that.

In the book it feels like she knows that how she performs in simulations is part of what marks her as Divergent, but in the book it also feels like she doesn't do much to change that performance. She maybe tries to slow down. The movie has Four showing her how to go through the simulation like a Dauntless would instead of like a Divergent.

I flew through Insurgent and am working my way through Allegiant. I hope the series has a good ending, but I'll let you know!