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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Storykiller Swag

I had already posted my review of Storykiller by Kelly Thompson, but today I received my hard copy of the book plus all the extra swag from my support of the Kickstarter! I wanted to share some pictures of all of the cool stuff, so here we go!

First we have the "Fight Your Fiction" tote bag and the brown paper wrapped packet of all the other goodies.

Here is the post card book.

Here is all the stuff, the book, with the cool red foil title, bookmarks, fight your fiction magnet and round Tessa Battle magnet, the postcard book in the upper right, thank you note, and large illustration print of Tessa and Bluebeard. The mysterious green envelope to be opened after you read the book.

One more view of everything.

I was so excited to get all the stuff. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Kelly Thompson! I will support one of her Kickstarters any time.

If you haven't read Storykiller, check it out! If you have read it and are ready for more Kelly Thompson, Check out The Girl Who Would Be King.