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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stardew Valley Part 3

You can look on the bulletin board outside of Pierre’s market, there is a community calendar with birthdays and other events and there is a help-wanted board. People will post for help finding an item, or sometimes several of an item and if you bring it to them they will give you a cash reward and it usually helps your friendship level with them too.

One of the other things that happen early in the game is that Lewis, the mayor of your little town, shows you the run-down community center. There are some weird little things living in there and eventually, you find out that they want you to bring certain items to them and place them in bundles.

TIP: You can look at what items you need for community center bundles in the pause menu. I missed filling some of the spring and summer ones because I wasn’t paying attention to them at first and had to wait for those seasons to come around again.

If you need to find someone and forget where they live, the pause menu has a map which lists who lives at which house.

You can find items like berries, nuts, flowers and vegetables just lying around. One of the most lucrative places to forage is on the beach, especially after you repair the bridge to the tidepools. And keep your eye out for worms wriggling out of the ground (the game calls them stems). If you dig them up with your hoe, you’ll find items like artifacts, seeds or clay. Early in the game the worms can also mark where lost books are buried, when you dig them up they are magically whisked to the library and you can read them for gameplay tips, and sometimes Stardew Valley history. 


If you donate items to the museum you get rewards and don’t worry, you’ll find that item again. The only time to hesitate is if it also belongs in a community center bundle. Most of the random items are not worth much to sell, and no one really likes them as gifts. The only exception is the gems, but there are plenty of opportunities to find those, so don't hesitate to donate them.

There are many more parts of this game to talk about. Mining, fishing, and hoarding. This is a very deep game. Which is how I am over 100 hours in. I just started a second farm to get some screenshots for these blog posts, and now I want to try all the different farms. I also want to see how different the game is if you give in to the evil Joja corp and buy a membership.