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Monday, April 17, 2017

Mrs Queen Takes The Train: A Novel by William Kuhn

This was a strange but entertaining novel that fit in nicely with recent things like The Crown and Victoria that I had watched on Netflix and PBS, respectively. Somehow I had a different idea of what the book was about from reading the description, but I wasn't disappointed with what it turned out to be.

The unassuming title is a perfect fit for this unassuming, charming book. Basically, The Queen decides to pop down to The Mews unannounced to check on a favorite horse. She is waylaid on her way back to her office and decides to run a couple of errands.

I would say the book is more about the people who go looking for The Queen than about The Queen herself. There are interesting bits that are entertaining insights into who Queen Elizabeth II actually is, but we can't really know how accurate they are. It's more about these people, who are all kind of broken, who are trying to track down The Queen before the story gets out that she's missing.

If I hadn't recently watched The Crown and Victoria, I may have found this book less interesting. But, with those under my belt, I found Kuhn's representation of Elizabeth II believable enough to enjoy and was able to focus on the other characters.

There is a female groom at The Mews, who unknowingly provided Her Majesty a disguise and is better with horses than people.  A young man who wants to be a poet but currently works at a cheese shop accompanies The Queen for a time. An equerry who is suffering from his time in Iraq and usually arranges The Queen's transportation is the first to realize she is missing. A senior butler, who had embellished his name agrees to help the equerry keep it under wraps and assist in locating The Queen. The most senior of The Queen's dressers is alerted and has some idea of where The Queen may have gone because they tend to chat in the course of her duties. And finally, a lady in waiting who is in service to The Queen because she has no family to support her and must earn her own living, but her nephew may help with transportation and a place to stay during the search.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to fans of the British Royal Family and anyone looking for a charming book about a group of people thrown together by circumstance.

I am giving Mrs. Queen Takes The Train by William Kuhn 4 Stars